Family Style Dining

family style dining
Our traditional all-you-can-eat Family Style dining is our most popular option. Family Style Dining offers a wide variety of foods brought to the large table in bowls and on platters to be passed around by the guests. This style of dining provides the opportunity to meet and eat with people from all over the states and the world. Family Style dining showcases all the famous Pennsylvania Dutch favorites our customers know and love.


Two famous Lancaster County favorites, chow chow and pepper cabbage accompany our own baked daily white and wheat bread. Top with fresh whipped butter and apple butter and enjoy applesauce and cottage cheese to start your dining experience.


Our World Famous Crispy Fried Chicken is served daily with one meat from Group A and one meat from Group B. Meats chosen by Good N Plenty.

Group A Group B
Sliced Baked Ham Our Own Meatloaf Steamed Pollock Filet
Sliced Roast Pork Our Own Ham Loaf Beef Stroganoff
Sliced Roast Turkey Country Sausage Pork & Sauerkraut
Sliced Roast Beef Beef Stew Ham & Cabbage

Side Dishes

Fresh mashed potatoes, browned butter noodles and family recipe sweet corn are served daily with
one of the following vegetables chosen by Good N Plenty.

Carrots Harvard Beets Lima beans Vegetable Blend
Green Beans Peas Stewed Tomatoes


These scrumptious meal finishers are prepared in our Lower Level Bakery and include
velvety smooth ice cream, fruit pies, family recipe shoo fly pies, homemade pudding and our own


Fresh brewed coffee, hot tea, lemonade, fresh brewed iced tea, white milk and
chocolate milk.