Good ‘N Plenty 2G0 Takeout Ordering


In a rush, but want to enjoy a home-cooked meal?

With Good ‘N Plenty 2GO, you can enjoy our delicious food with the convenience of takeout ordering. Order the food over the phone or in person, and within 15 minutes you and your family can be having a home-cooked meal.

Take your kids out to our petting zoo and playground while they eat. Place an order in advance for your next family event. And our 2GO makes a lovely meal for an outdoor picnic!

View our 2GO Takeout Menu »

Good ‘N Plenty 2Go features all our dishes and sides that you love, now in takeout portions. Enjoy our world famous fried chicken by the bucket, or order your favorite soup by the pint or quart. And don’t forget our delicious Wet Bottom Shoo Fly Pie, homemade ice cream, whoopie pies, and other desserts!

Place your first Good ‘N Plenty 2GO order by calling us at 717-394-7111.

How to Order:

  • Select Your Favorite Dishes. View our 2GO menu and pick your favorite dishes to order.
  • Order Your Food. You can order by calling us or in person at our main desk. Takeout is available during normal restaurant hours.
  • Pick Up Your Food. When it’s ready, pay for and pick up your order at the main desk.
  • Enjoy! You and your family can enjoy our homemade comfort food wherever you are.